Getting a divorce

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The divorce procedure will certainly end your marriage. You can just obtain a divorce if you’ve been married for at least one year.

You may be able to obtain divorced without requiring a solicitor or going to court if you and also your ex-partner can agree you both want a divorce, as well as on the reason that.

if you or your companion will not agree to obtaining a divorce it’ll take more time and also set you back even more cash than if you both concur.

Obtaining a divorce lawfully finalised will normally take 4 to 6 months if you agree on your divorce and also the factors why. It may take longer if you require to sort out problems with money, residential property or children, which will need to be done separately.

Don’t utilize websites that promise economical divorce plans. You’ll still have to pay the divorce application fee.

Before you finish your marriage, you’ll also require to make a decision:

  • how to split any kind of money you share
  • what occurs to the house
  • where your children will certainly live, if you have any kind of

Before you apply

You need to try to agree your reason for your divorce with your ex-partner. Figure out even more regarding which of the 5 realities you should utilize, called ‘premises for divorce’ to reveal your marriage has actually broken down.

If you have actually chosen the reality you want to rely on is 2 years separation with approval, you’ll require to have permission from your ex-partner to divorce If they do not give permission, you can not rely on this reality.

If your partner differs with the divorce (occasionally called a ‘defended divorce’) or you can’t agree who need to pay the divorce fee or other costs, you might need legal advice or to visit court.

It’s very not likely you’ll need to go to court if you’re relying on 5 years without the approval of your companion. However, you should most likely get lawful advice.

You need your marriage certification to aid you fill in the information on the type appropriately – as an example, the address of where you obtained married. Your application will certainly be sent back to you if you fill in any of the information wrong.

You can buy a duplicate of your marriage certificate from GOV.UK. Duplicates will certainly cost you ₤ 11.00.


When you divorce, your visa standing.

You’ll lose your visa standing once your divorce is made final if you’re in the UK as a dependant on your partner’s visa.

You might need to apply for a brand-new visa if you obtain divorced. Locate out more regarding how to remain in the UK after a divorce.


Pay the fee

Generally, the person who applies for a divorce (also known as the ‘petitioner’) needs to pay the fee.

If you’re getting the divorce, you’ll require to pay a ₤ 593 fee when you send your divorce application to the divorce centre. If you can’t manage the fee, find out if you can obtain aid to pay it at GOV.UK.

If you have actually paid the fee however believe your companion ought to pay it, you can tick a box on the form asking the court to think about asking your partner to pay it rather. Your partner will have to pay you the money back when your divorce has been finalised if the court agrees.

You’ll require to file your request where you live, not where you are from or where you obtained wed. So, for example, if you’re Irish and got married in Ireland yet you live in England, you would need to obtain divorced in England.


Using online

You can obtain a divorce on GOV.UK.


Applying by post

You can locate the divorce form on GOV.UK. You can review just how to divorce a person you can’t track down other half or other half on GOV.UK.

Make 4 copies of the divorce type. You’ll require to send out 3 and also maintain 1.

If you’re putting infidelity as your factor for getting a divorce and call the person, you’ll require to send out 4 duplicates. You can locate out about placing infidelity as your factor for getting divorced.

Send the type to your closest divorce centre. You can find your divorce centre on GOV.UK.

You ought to include your marriage certificate – this can be the original or a certified copy. You’ll additionally need to pay the application fee.

The divorce centre will inspect your type and also send a copy to your partner to give them a chance to respond. They’ll inform you in composing when they’ve sent out the form to your companion


if you can’t agree with your companion.

If you can not agree with your companion whether to get divorced or why you’re obtaining divorced, you can go to arbitration. Arbitration assists you reach an arrangement in between yourselves rather than it being court-imposed.

If you really can not pertain to an agreement or if there are problems with costs such as who should pay the divorce fee, you need to go to court – as well as you and also your ex-partner should get legal guidance from solicitors.

A solicitor can help you select which of the 5 realities for divorce you wish to utilize and also tell you what evidence you’ll need. They can additionally talk with your ex-partner as well as their solicitor so you don’t need to.

A solicitor can additionally represent you in court – this means they’ll chat for you so you don’t need to. It’s best to make use of a solicitor if you can – they can make certain you get the most effective result.

Make sure you obtain a solicitor that is experts in divorce. You might need to look outside your local area.

Consider what you want to ask your solicitor prior to you fulfill them and also prepare a checklist beforehand. Ask as numerous questions as you such as.

When you consult with your solicitor you ought to take your marriage certificate, as well as ticket or driving licence for ID. You ought to likewise take a financial institution declaration or energy expense that’s less than 3 months old as well as shows your address.

You need to ask your solicitor:

  • how much time will certainly the process take
  • how much it will set you back
  • how frequently they will certainly upgrade you
  • When you go to court, what will certainly happen